Bill Grange

Daily Point of Light # 3722 May 9, 2008

Bill Grange is a Chemo Pal for the Children's Cancer Association (CCA). He also has volunteered his time to CCA through events and fundraising, as well as in his daughter's classroom at school. He comes to speak at Chemo Pal Volunteer Trainings to share his experience with others interested in becoming a Chemo Pals.

The Pediatric Chemo Pal Mentor Program for children and teens breaks through the isolation, chaos and loneliness of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments by providing trusted, dependable and carefully matched mentors throughout the emotionally isolating and physically difficult cancer treatment. The Chemo Pal volunteer provides support and guidance through dependable visits in the midst of the battle against cancer. These mentors visit hospitals, clinics and homes to play games, take walks, read, do art projects or share hobbies.

Bill has been matched with 14 year old Aaron for a little over a year. Bill and Aaron have done numerous activities together. These include bowling, Blazer games, board games and going out to eat. Bill provides stability, direction, and a diversion from Aaron's treatment.