Bishop Raymond Napper

Daily Point of Light # 1212 Sep 25, 1998

Bishop Raymond Napper is a veteran of 21 years. In October 1984, he founded the Powerhouse of Deliverance Church, Inc. in Hinesville, GA where he is employed full-time. He spends most of his non-working hours giving back to his community.

Bishop Napper is the founder of Hinesville's "Superchurch" for underprivileged children. It is a church on wheels that travels to low-income neighborhoods to provide outreach church services. The "Superchurch" has a summer camp for youth through age 19, consisting of various activities, workshops, and trips throughout the year for its members.

Bishop Napper is also the founder of Young and Successful, a work-study program for children ages 13-17, and the organizer of the Men to Boys mentoring program. This program is a military style program that works in conjunction with Youth Challenge of Ft. Stewart, GA helping dropouts and at-risk youth obtain their GED's. In addition, Bishop Napper is an active member of the Liberty County Family Connection (LCFC), a military community service program that works with local agencies to provide services to low-income, at-risk individuals and families. He assists LCFC by talking to families in crisis with the hopes of keeping them together and providing transportation over a 30-mile radius to children in support of the agency's Teen Appreciation Day, an event intended to provide teens with a worry-free day of fun.

Bishop Napper visits the sick, feeds the homeless and helps them pay bills. He goes to court on behalf of juveniles in trouble and pleads with judges to give mandatory community service instead of jail time. He gives of his time, in some way, just about every day.