Bob Denny

Daily Point of Light # 1053 Feb 16, 1998

Ten years ago, Bob Denny and his wife, Becky, were addicted to drugs and alcohol. When they became homeless, their children were taken away. After months of living on the streets, Mr. Denny experienced a spiritual rebirth and started on his road to recovery. Within a year, Mr. Denny was able to secure a job and complete the necessary classes in order to get his children.

Mr. Denny successfully completed the work for a drug and alcohol counseling certificate. His focus became to help individuals move from a lifestyle of dysfunctional behavior to one in which they carry their own weight and become active participants in the community.

Mr. Denny created Open Door Ministry, a program for feeding the homeless. Every Monday night for the past three years, Open Door Ministry feeds 70 to 100 persons.

In addition, Mr. Denny's dreams for an in-house recovery program came to fruition with the November 1995 opening of In His Steps Christian Recovery Home. In His Steps is a non-profit organization created to respond to the overwhelming needs of the homeless. The program began with six residents in the home and has expanded to include a second home and houses 16 men total.

Admission to the In His Steps home is based on each person's willingness to accept the responsibility for their own recovery and a desire to return to the Church. Those who can pay the cost of their stay are expected to do so; however, those with financial constraints are not turned away. Participants are expected to seek employment and begin contributing toward their expenses after a 30-day recovery period.

Under Mr. Denny's leadership, the programs have brought local businesses and churches together in the community to help the needy. Graduates of the recovery program report that the program gave them time out to get their lives together and taught them the fundamentals of being responsible and productive members of the community.