Daily Point of Light # 2896 Mar 11, 2005

Orchard Village is a non-profit organization, which provides support services to persons with developmental and multiple challenges. Based in Skokie, Illinois, the organization serves 300 persons annually in Chicago and its north and northwest suburbs.

In 1996, Mr. Sears contacted Orchard Village, seeking a volunteer opportunity as a means of “giving back” to the community. Bradley joined the Orchard Village Finance Committee at that time, working with both staff and other volunteers to ensure the financial stability of the organization.

Within two years, Bradley was asked to serve on the Orchard Village Board of Directors. He accepted and has continued to serve the organization since that time, providing governance with hard work and dedication. Bradley continues to serve on the Finance Committee in addition to participating on the Board of Directors. Through his committee work, Bradley has contributed to the development of both a strategic plan for the organization and a retirement benefits policy for agency staff.

Bradley has also provided much to the organization in the way of direct services; that is, work of direct benefit to the persons supported by the organization. Through Wells Fargo’s Team Member Volunteer Program, he and other Wells Fargo team members whom he has recruited have performed important rehabilitation work at Orchard Village small group homes and supported apartments. These include:

1. Pleasant Street Apartment, Oak Park, IL. Replaced wall paneling, built new walls, and installed new flooring.

2. Oleander Group Home, Niles, IL. Renovations and refurnishing.

3. Luna Group Home, Morton Grove, IL. Renovations and painting.

Finally, Bradley has performed important work in the area of resource development for Orchard Village. Mr. Sears has been a consistent support of Orchard Village’s fundraising events. Bradley attends, with guests, Orchard Village’s major fundraising event, The Blossom Gala, and has consistently supported the organization’s summer golf events through the attendance of a foursome of his invitation.

Mr. Sears has also given of his own resources to meet critical needs of Orchard Village. His donation of a vehicle assisted the organization in meeting the transportation needs of many small group home residents. Bradley was also instrumental in the development and implementation of a 2002 renovation and community building project funded by the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation. Bradley has been an exemplary volunteer, demonstrating his capacity for both generosity and dedication.