Breanna McGowan

Daily Point of Light # 4210 Mar 24, 2010

Breanna McGowan has the heart of a missionary. While volunteering at Outreach orphanage in Ghana for Projects Aboard, she genuinely cared for the children. She wondered how much more improved their futures would be if they only had the resources, and even spent her souvenir money on food for the orphanage. Therefore, when she returned to the United States, she had a goal: to make a tangible difference.

Breanna’s work in Ghana inspired her to start a foundation called All’s God Children Got Shoes, which sends school supplies and shoes to the children in Ghana. Her community supports Breanna’s foundation, organizing a shoe drive and car wash to help out All God’s Children Got Shoes. Having purchased 29 pairs of shoes, backpacks and school supplies for the 57 orphans, she intends to make a return trip to Ghana in the summer of 2010.

With her efforts, Breanna has collected food cans for needy families, and she donned facemasks, rubber boots and overalls to rebuild homes. She addresses the needs of ordinary people by doing extraordinary things. Through her actions, Breanna has not only had an impact on the children in Ghana, but she has also encouraged other teenagers in her community to give to those in need.

All God’s Children Got Shoes has raised $600 in candy sales for Outreach orphanage in Ghana. Additionally, Breanna will continue helping the children in Ghana by assisting them with college applications and information on universitites in the United States. Breanna’s willingness to go out of her way to help others speaks volumes to how much she wishes to change these children’s lives for the better.