Callahan fore

Daily Point of Light # 4343 Sep 29, 2010

Since Callahan Fore was 10 years old, he has been extremely passionate about service to his community.

When Callahan and his high school classmates were tasked with completing community service hours, they learned there were very few resources in the community for them. They struggled to find organizations that could connect them with meaningful volunteer work.

Callahan and his classmates began to wonder if there was a way to provide an online network to share community service opportunities. With the help of 20 fellow high school students from five area Florida high schools, Callahan and his classmates combined efforts and created a website that could help every student help themselves and their community.

This experience empowered Callahan to spearhead the development of SweatMonkey, a nonprofit organization that features the resulting website. connects students with organizations, helps students and teachers track their hours and generate community service resumes.

Since 2006, SweatMonkey has grown to serve many communities, students and teachers throughout Florida. Aimed at youth age 13 and up, SweatMonkey has measurably impacted nearly 5,500 student members throughout Florida who have logged more than 290,000 hours with 1,950 nonprofit organizations and employers.

Universities in Florida including University of Florida, Florida State University and University of North Florida currently use SweatMonkey to centralize service learning resources. Additionally, the Florida Department of Education currently requires all On the Job Training (OJT) Programs at high schools throughout the state to use SweatMonkey as the one-stop technology to organize opportunities, requirements, reporting, tracking and to generate statistical information.

SweatMonkey is currently partnering with Florida Campus Compact in an effort to implement a pilot project that aims to exponentially increase faculty and student participation in service learning activities at 12 prominent universities in Florida. With the potential for an unlimited amount of members, Callahan has set out to serve students, organizations and teachers throughout the United States.