Calman Lierberman

Daily Point of Light # 1530 Dec 15, 1999

Calman Lieberman operates an insurance business where he generally spends 10 hours day. He and his wife, Chavy, are a hard working couple. The parents of 11 children, they dedicate their lives to their family and business. In 1997, Leiberman developed another very important purpose in his life. Lieberman adopted the residents of Aishel Avraham, a residential health facility, as his extended family.

Lieberman mobilized a group of working men and young rabbinical students to devote two hours a week volunteering at Aishel. Among the residents at Aishel Avraham are a large number of Orthodox Jewish people who relate with ease to Yiddish speaking volunteers of similar background. Many are holocaust survivors whose families perished. Now in their loneliness, they can easily converse and confide with the volunteers that Lieberman inspired. Lieberman trains, organizes and inspires the volunteer corps.

At this time, Lieberman is also involved in fund raising for different necessary projects at Aishel. He is running a computer campaign, searching for used computers so that younger residents, who have an interest in doing something involving technology, have means to pursue this field.

Additionally, Lieberman coordinates a Sunday morning music program, complete with two fiddlers, pianist, trumpet player, three singers and Lieberman, armed with his microphone and friends. They sing and dance, making music so lively that the residents say they feel as though they are back at home again.