Carl Lee Hicks Jr.

Daily Point of Light # 3796 Aug 21, 2008

While driving through downtown Medina one afternoon, all traffic had stopped. Carl Lee Hicks, Jr. got out of his truck to see what the holdup was. What he saw was overwhelming to him. There was a funeral procession for PFC Devin Grella, who died in the Iraq War. There were hundreds of people lined up all around the square and for miles after that on the route to the veterans’' cemetery where Devin was to rest in peace.

Carl was so touched by this, he felt even though he did not know Devin or his family, he had to do something so this fallen soldier or any other from Medina County, would not be forgotten. Carl is now the founder of Medina County Hometown Heroes. He has established a Battle cross Memorial (boots, helmet and rifle), to be erected in Devin's hometown Medina Township. Medina Township has donated an acre of land from their newly developed park for this memorial to be placed.

Carl wanted this to be a place where people could come and reflect and honor the fallen soldier who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. For every fallen solider from Medina County, there will be a memorial placed in their hometown as well. We just hope this will be the only one. Carl has solicited Medina County residents and business to help pay for this memorial. He also is selling dedication bricks to surround the memorial for the "Walkway To A Hero".

Carl has put his heart and soul into this project to honor the fallen soldiers that paid the ultimate price and gave us the freedom that we all have today.