Carol Moroco

Daily Point of Light # 4347 Oct 5, 2010

Mentoring One, Impacts Many
Carol Moroco was ahead of her time. When she began her banking career she was the only woman in her management training class. This experience combined with wisdom from her grandmother has inspired the South Florida resident to devote herself to the mentoring of others.
“A woman has strength and is the heart, the core and the nurturer of their children, families and communities,” taught Carol’s maternal grandmother.
Continually “paying forward” the lessons from her grandmother, Carol believes in making her community a better place through the power of lifting one person at a time.
Carol is recognized for her dedication to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County where the one-to-one youth mentoring program resonated with her. In her three years with the organization, she has been the driving force behind many initiatives.
Serving on the executive committee and the board of directors she established Six Degrees, a professional networking group. In two years the group has more than 60 members including both aspiring and established professionals.
Through Six Degrees, Carol also established a forum called Bigwigs, in which community leaders share their personal journeys, inspiring young professionals, which parallels Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mentoring service. This value-added event series has brought in new donors and an increase in volunteerism among the Six Degrees members.
Carol successfully advocates for Big Brothers Big Sisters. She has recruited individuals, solicited new donations and established new corporate partnerships, including with her own company, Bank of Florida.
Carol has helped raise more than $25,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters. At an average cost of $1,000 per child per year, Carol has changed the lives of 25 children in Broward County. Because those 25 children have a mentor, their outlook on their own lives has improved, 25 parents have happier homes and 25 volunteers learned what impact caring can have on the life of a child. The ripple effect from those 75 life-changing encounters is endless.
Carol is a true example of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mission by proving that the power of one individual can make a significant difference in the countless lives she touches.