Daily Point of Light # 1699 Aug 8, 2000

Carol Pratt has been a volunteer leader for 4-H for five consecutive years. She has assumed a leadership role in six 4-H clubs, seeing that the boys and girls in these teacher-led 4-H clubs have opportunities to learn parliamentary procedure, speech presentation, demonstrations, preparation and completion of 4-H record books. For five years, Carol has arranged her family vacation to allow her to go to 4-H camp as a parent volunteer. In this capacity, she plans and executes a camp talent show, led numerous craft activities, taught nutrition classes, been a cabin counselor, and monitored swimming and recreational activities.

In 1998-99, Carol actively recruited boys and girls for 4-H camp by presenting the 4-H camp video to nine classes. She helped sponsor a camp scholarship contest for 4-H’ers and 10 scholarships were provided. County camp enrollment doubled in 1999. Parents of fourth grade 4-H’ers were overheard saying, “They will be alright at camp, Carol is with them.” This confidence was generated because Carol Pratt believes strongly in the worth of the 4-H program and is quick to share her belief with parents as she gives leadership to other community programs for children. She was on a committee sponsoring 4-H as an active club in the middle school for 1999-00. There are now six 4-H clubs in the middle school. She plans on helping teach an etiquette class to middle school students this year.

Carol gives support to special interest 4-H clubs that meet during the summer. She has helped two sewing groups learn how to sew. She helped 4th and 5th grade classes collect 240 food items for the needy and helped 4-H classes plant flower beds for Community Pride projects. She has been a judge for several 4-H Bread Baking Contests.

In addition to her 4-H involvement, Carol participates in a local adults family and community education club that educates the community in areas of family and consumer science. She has been an active member in their yearly fundraising efforts. These funds have been used for 4-H scholarships, needy families, planting welcome flowerbeds at the state park entrances and a contribution to Friends of the Park.

Carol has served as vice-president, and several other positions, of her local PTA and a supporter on many committees. She was instrumental in getting a playground built for a local school and was a member of the committee that helped to build a local park and walking trail. She lends leadership to a yearly egg hunt for neighborhood children, sponsored by the local Business & Professional Club. In addition, Carol managed a Santa Shop at Maynardville Elementary, so that local children can purchase gifts for others. Daily, Carol Pratt commits herself to youth as she actively participates in school leadership, 4-H activities, egg hunts, food drives, park and playground improvement initiatives and other worthy causes.