Caroline Bond

Daily Point of Light # 3873 Dec 8, 2008

Caroline has been serving as a volunteer mentor with the Western Youth Network (WYN) since August 2005. She has truly devoted herself to acting as a positive role model for her mentee. Upon graduation from college, Caroline had planned to move but due to her relationship with her mentee and the program, she decided to stay in the area and make a life for herself here. Caroline has weathered many storms over the past three years with her mentee; however, her consistency and support has been a guiding force for her friend.

There is a great need for mentors throughout our country. Caroline has been a constant support for her mentee by encouraging her to stay in school and helping her to open a college savings account. She has truly embraced the role of a mentor and has impacted the community by empowering a future generation to make positive choices even in the light of hardship. Caroline commutes seventeen miles one way to pick up her mentee and spend time with her.

Caroline has been able to help her mentee get a job and work towards a sustainable life that is positive and free of any type of abuse. When her mentee became a teen mom, Caroline helped her to get to doctor’s appointments and aided in getting the baby enrolled in day care so her mentee could continue high school as a full time student.

Caroline has connected her mentee with the community by getting her involved in service. She has taken her to help out at Habitat for Humanity, and they have created scrap books for youth involved in WYN after school programs. In addition to instilling the need to volunteer to help others, Caroline has also helped her mentee utilize resources available to her that will help her to continue to succeed. Because of Caroline’s dedication and support, her mentee wants to become a mentor to someone younger than her. She sees the effect Caroline has had on her life, and she wants to be the same positive influence to another young lady.

Caroline has made such an impact on her mentee. She is now able to assert herself in a positive manner, face challenges and make sound decisions. Caroline has helped a youth find a genuine friend and has learned how to trust. Caroline has connected her mentee with job link and her mentee is now working part time so she can save for her future. Caroline’s relationship is innovative in that it is consistent and has not ceased. In addition, Caroline has introduced her mentee to new ideas and experiences so she is able to look at life in a positive manner and with a different lens. Caroline’s mentee has hope for her future and is now planning to attend college!