Carolyn Gable

Daily Point of Light # 3386 Jan 25, 2007

Motivated by the struggles that she endured as a single parent, Carolyn Gable started Expect a Miracle Foundation to offer assistance to the working poor. Many single parents struggle to provide for their family and are left without finances to give them the opportunity to play organized sports, and special tutoring, etc.

Through the Expect a Miracle Foundation, Carolyn promotes volunteerism by first encouraging employees, family, friends, colleagues and customers to join her in doing something for others, and then by creating an environment which acknowledges the inspiration of that shared service.

Carolyn is its ultimate volunteer, spending countless hours as coach, cheerleader and 'foundation mom.' No task is too small—the daily opening of mail, answering a ringing phone or making room on a busy calendar to greet grant recipients if they drop by to say "thanks." No task is too time consuming—attending committee meetings, assuming a leadership role in fundraising activities, reading grant submissions and sitting for media interviews.

The foundation began fundraising efforts in 2001 and 2002 with one event per year. In 2003, Expect a Miracle stepped up its efforts by sponsoring two events each year: a spring walkathon and a summer bowl-a-thon.