Daily Point of Light # 2727 Jul 19, 2004

Carrie Jones Spurling is a very active volunteer in Morgan County Alabama. She works with the FACES program, the Volunteer Center of Morgan County, the American Heart Association and other nonprofit organizations in the area.

She participates in the FACES program, which takes care of Foster children, and is a board member for the program. The FACES board helps raise money that will result in aid to the foster children. In addition to the FACES program, Mrs. Spurling works with the Volunteer Center where she serves in many capacities that range from selling ducks for the Ducky Derby at the River fest to answering phones. She has also appeared in front of the Morgan county Commission and asked for funding. In addition, she has served as a volunteer for many political candidates and has even been on the side of the road in her wheelchair with signs supporting what she believes.

Mrs. Spurling has worked on newsletters for the Democratic Club that has also had fundraising teams for Heart Association and Cancer Relays of Morgan County. This year, she has joined up with another group, the Decatur Charity League, to serve PACT. Mrs. Spurling has also done newborn rounds, which serves all the mothers of Morgan County. She has also completed the training to serve the 7th graders of Morgan County with a program called Family Pride. This helps young teenagers understand family and know about various crisis in family and how to get help the correct way.

Mrs. Spurling has also recruited volunteers for American Heart Association Morgan County Heart Walk and the Morgan County Cancer Society Relay for Life. She has spent hours of her own time getting people to participate in these very important events in addition to raising money for the activities. Mrs. Spurling organized, called team members and made sure all the details were handled.

Though Mrs. Spurling is wheelchair bound and has been so since childhood, she has a big heart for people who are less fortunate than herself. However, her wheelchair does not hinder her efforts or her spirit of service. In addition to working full-time at the Morgan County Board of Registrars Office at the Morgan County courthouse, Mrs. Spurling makes it a priority to serve and give back to make Morgan County a great place to live.