Cathy Glasheen

Daily Point of Light # 4733 Mar 29, 2012

The RSVP Vision Screening Team of Milwaukee, Wis. has dedicated countless hours to screening preschool children throughout the community. The local office of Prevent Blindness closed due to lack of funding. The RSVP Vision Screening Team has stepped in to play an important role. The team has made five referrals for children to seek further evaluation at Prevent Blindness Wisconsin. Of those five children, three needed vision correction. Without this program these corrections might have gone undetected for several years.
Team member, Cathy Glasheen is responsible for calling local daycares, scheduling screenings and mobilizing members to give screenings. More than 12 million school-age children have some form of vision impairment. The RSVP Vision Screening Team provides a basic screening at no charge to help combat these issues at an earlier age. This is what makes Cathy and the RSVP Vision Screening Team Daily Points of Light.