Chantelle Limon

Daily Point of Light # 5104 Dec 6, 2013

Chantelle Limon of Camarillo, California is dedicated to serving a wide variety of organizations including the Chamber of Commerce Camarillo, the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital Miracle Network, and the Optimist Club, which empowers young people.

Limon ‘s dedicated time spent volunteering addresses several needs. As far as the Chamber of Commerce Camarillo, she helps to host networking mixers for businesswomen. Additionally, she assists in holding classes and lectures that educate and inform on issues that arise for women in the corporate world. Fundraising as well, is essential for all of the organizations where she volunteers. She has spent countless hours coordinating fundraisers, including participating in even the most nominal tasks to ensure any event is executed perfectly.

Limon continues to ensure sustainability by constantly dedicating her time, and organizing. She gives financially what she can, but feels that her time is the best asset. She spends hours persistently planning, organizing, and following up on events. She explains to everyone within every organization she volunteers for why their work is so important, and reminds them that their services are crucial to their community.

As a volunteer, Limon is dedicated, and loyal, and this fosters inspiration within the people, and organizations she works with.

Dev Staff