Charlotte Jimenez

Daily Point of Light # 1434 Aug 3, 1999

Charlotte Jimenez facilitates life skill classes at the Greeley Transitional House as part of the educational services from the Equal Opportunity Center. At Greeley House, Jimenez coordinates and provides enrollment, financial aid and guidance services for residents.

Jimenez is a wonderful role model for Hispanic women in her community, standing out as a very encouraging and supportive community leader. She sits on the board of The Greeley House and is very active in their programs. Even when ill, she continues to conduct classes. Jimenez receives no salary or stipend for her volunteer work.

One story, of many, that is particularly representative of Jimenez's commitment to volunteerism involves her helping a young mother go back to school. The woman, living at the house with her son, was very interested in getting into school. She became inspired after participating in one of Jimenez's classes. In no time, Jimenez was lining up financial aid and helping the woman pick out classes. This client is scheduled to receive a degree in Marketing and Management later this year. And although it is not necessary, Jimenez and this client communicate at least once a week on the progress and successes that she has made.

She finds the time to provide inspiration through her volunteerism, even though she herself works full-time, attends graduate school, and has a family of her own to sustain.