Cherie Branson

Daily Point of Light # 3674 Mar 4, 2008

The Community Health Clinic is a volunteer nonprofit clinic that serves people who are uninsured in an eight county area. Cherie Branson is a nurse practitioner who volunteers at the Community Health Clinic of Joplin, MO.

Cherie gave 208 hours of her time in 2007. She volunteers for the Monday Adult Clinic, Thursday Adult Clinics and Tuesday Med refills clinic.

The Community Clinic of Joplin has a dispensary where they dispense medicines for patients who cannot afford them. For the med refill clinics, the staff must have a doctor or nurse practitioner present in case a patient is having problems with their medicines or having blood pressure problems etc. Cherie always rallies to the cause.

Cherie has a great compassion for people and a desire to help people in need of medical care who cannot otherwise afford it. She takes the time to listen and really see what their needs and health situations are.

Cherie lost her husband in a tragic accident a few years ago, but has carried on with dignity, still feeling the need and desire to care for the less fortunate. Many patients’ health has improved and their lives are onto a brighter future because of our volunteer nurse practitioner, Cherie Branson.