Daily Point of Light # 2886 Feb 25, 2005

Chris Reed has been a volunteer with the Utah County Search and Rescue team for over 25 years. In addition to that, Chris has also volunteered for the Spanish Fork and Salem Ambulance associations. He has devoted in excess of 20 years of volunteer service there. Chris also is known throughout Utah Valley for his presentations regarding Search and Rescue, or emergency services. He provides his presentations for other agencies, schools, church, and civic groups. He has never been known to turn down a request for a presentation. He has donated untold hours on a monthly and yearly basis. At one time, it was estimated that Chris has been involved in approximately 3,000 rescue missions during his career. That number does not reflect the number of ambulance calls he responds to.

“Chris is an outstanding individual who simply puts others first in his life.” He has a very positive effect on the quality of life in our communities due to his sacrifice and his dedication to helping others. Chris has spent literally thousands upon thousands of dollars, out of his own pocket, to purchase a hovercraft for ice rescue. This craft alone has allowed Chris to rescue and save 14 lives on Utah Lake. He has also purchased a raft, a wave-runner, and radio equipment to assist the citizens of this county.

Chris is deserving of recognition because of his demonstrated sacrifice and dedication to serving others for over 25 years, not in one volunteer role, but in two.

Chris Reed, quite simply, defines service to others in our community. He leads by example and is willing to help anyone, at anytime. He has spent thousands of hours serving our communities, and the citizens of this county in a volunteer capacity.