Chris Snoberger

Daily Point of Light # 3280 Aug 31, 2006

In her efforts to provide shelter for her neighbors and to care for animal life, Chris Snoberger dedicated her time to a number of organizations. As a volunteer for the Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue, Snoberger works diligently to improve the treatment of ferrets in her community. She serves as treasurer, spending four to eight hours every week balancing the organization's budget, paying bills, keeping records, and saving ferrets. As one who has helped rescue abandoned ferrets she has helped raise awareness about animal rights issues in her area, spreading the organization's message to the surrounding animal control units and raising the level of care ferrets receive in her area. She has participated in projects that raise funds to pay medical bills accumulated by the owners of ferrets, and has even taken in sick ferrets in need of extra care. Snoberger carries tremendous responsibility within the rescue, which may explain why the organization leaders say "she's always dependable".

But caring for ferrets is not her only volunteer endeavor on behalf of animals. Snoberger also plays a role in the animal advocacy organization, Saving Pyrs in Need, Inc. (SPIN), which finds safe homes for Great Pyrenees dogs. Volunteering regularly as SPIN’s Events Coordinator, Snoberger has organized a Pumpkin Patch Party, Halliburton Family Days, and the North Texas Irish Festival, each of which required volunteers to raise funds, adopt dogs and locate new foster homes. Thus, by involving herself in two causes close to her heart, Snoberger is able to raise awareness in her community, as well as save the lives of many animals. And by helping to control the animal population and improve the lives of ferrets and Great Pyrenees dogs, Snoberger helps the community as a whole.

Besides her love of animals, Snoberger also finds time to volunteer for the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. A volunteer for four years, Snoberger recently took on a leadership role as Crew Chief, leading new volunteers and giving instructions on work sites. In addition, Snoberger lends a hand wherever and whenever needed, working at fundraising events, helping to recruit volunteers and ever extending her volunteering to the classroom where she serves as a construction 101 course trainer, a position that finds few volunteers willing to take on. These volunteer efforts for Habitat for Humanity demonstrate Snoberger' selflessness and willingness to help in whatever capacity she can. While she has been helping Habitat for Humanity, the Dallas chapter has become the seventh largest homebuilder there and the fourth largest Habitat affiliate in the US.

Snoberger not only dedicates herself to organizations around her community, but she is also the chair of the Aetna Volunteer Council in the Dallas Office encouraging and organizing events for her fellow co-workers to volunteer. She has donated her time and energy to numerous organizations, and has greatly influenced those causes close to her heart. Through her contributions to animal organizations and to Habitat for Humanity, she is deeply involved in her community's overall well-being. This involvement led her to be nominated for the 2006 and 2005 Aetna Voice of Conscience Award, in which she received runner-up status both years.