Christen Picot

Daily Point of Light # 3844 Oct 28, 2008

The Pediatric Chemo Pal Mentor program for children and teens breaks through the isolation, chaos and loneliness of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments by providing trusted, dependable and carefully matched mentors. This volunteer program’s purpose is to provide a supportive relationship, ensuring that each child maintains self-esteem and confidence throughout the emotionally isolating and physically difficult. The Chemo Pal volunteer provides support and guidance through dependable visits in the midst of the lonely battle against cancer. These mentors visit hospitals, clinics, and homes to play games, take walks, read, do art projects or share hobbies.

Christen Picot has the enthusiasm, eagerness and warm heart that are needed to make a successful mentoring relationship.

Christen is instantly welcoming with her big smile and bubbly attitude. She is sure to light up any room she is in, especially if that is a hospital room. She has most recently been matched with six year old, Robert, and they are extremely close. They had an immediate connection and became buddies within 15 minutes. They can spend hours playing a game that they call “stinky feet game”, where Robert gives his foot to Christen and she tells him it smells.

Although this may not sound like a great friendship to many of us, Robert laughs hysterically and does this routine over and over again. They also like to go out to eat together and joke around. Because of this relationship, Robert now associates the hospital with having fun, instead of fear and pain. Christen has seen this as her calling, and is on a mission to make Robert laugh—which she succeeds in constantly. She is a tremendous asset to the Chemo Pal Program and CCA.