Christian Haerter

Daily Point of Light # 4633 Nov 9, 2011

Christian Haerter and his partner, Michelle Severance, created Jordan’s Initiative after Haerter’s son, Jordan, was killed in Iraq in 2008.

Jordan bravely sacrificed himself so that his fellow Marines could live. Inspired by Jordan’s courage, Haerter and Severance have dedicated themselves to help all service members and their families affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Haerter and Severance use Jordan’s Initiative to raise awareness about veterans’ needs, provide immediate assistance to those serving in the military and to military families, and to create a community of support. As a volunteer organization, Jordan’s Initiative is not completely run by Haerter and Severance. Instead, they rely on their community to help, which provides opportunities for others to get involved. Haerter and Severance’s community use Jordan’s Initiative as a means to volunteer and provide support to deployed troops, combat veterans and military families who need help the most.

Jordan’s Initiative addresses the needs of combat veterans, their families, and the surrounding community. Military families endure many hardships that are unseen by the public. Haerter and Severance ease these burdens by providing immediate care and support when needed. There are many organizations for families including: “Family Assistance” program, Care Package Drives, “Wheels to Freedom” program, and the “Community Spirit Award” program.

Christian Haerter and Michelle Severance are unique because their story is one of both loss and triumph. Although they lost a son and a friend when Jordan died they turned their energy outward and began helping veterans because they understood that reaching out was the best remedy for their pain.