Christina Aiken and Katie Doyle

Daily Point of Light # 4824 Aug 3, 2012

Katie Doyle and Christina Aiken, help assist Joshua’s Heart Foundation with fundraising, the junior advisory board, food distributions, and community outreach initiatives. Aiken and Doyle started with Joshua’s Heart Foundation by spear heading the Junior Advisory Board. The ladies recruited 12 youth and held four meetings per year. At each meeting the youth would brainstorm four fundraising or community service activities. The Junior Advisory Board built and nourished a garden and all of the vegetables were distributed to families in need. In addition to the garden the girls led the Junior Advisory Board youth on missions of canned food drives, toy drives for a local orphanage and a talent show for seniors residing in a home.

In addition to being co-chairs of the Junior Advisory Board, both have held numerous fundraising events including happy hours (cocktails for a cause) and reached out to local businesses for raffle items. All proceeds from each event go to Joshua’s Heart Foundation.

This year the girls also made a huge connection for Joshua’s Heart Foundation. While at a local farmers market in Hollywood, Fla. they spoke to a few vegetable and fruit farmers and secured donations on a weekly basis of leftover produce. Each Sunday they go to the farmers market and pick up the produce and deliver the food to local families in need.