Christine Ray

Daily Point of Light # 3666 Feb 21, 2008

Christine Ray has been a volunteer coordinator at Overlook Elementary for over 20 years. The amazing thing is that Christine has not had a student in the school for the past 15 years. Both of her daughters have graduated, but Christine has remained to volunteer.

As volunteer coordinator, Christine is the liaison between the parents and the teachers at the school. She makes sure there are volunteers to assist with various needs such as copying and fluency checks with students. She helps organize parents who lead lunch bunch book clubs and the book fair, as well as assisting teachers as needs arise in the classroom, just to name a few. All of her efforts help support the academic program at the elementary school.

Christine is also the Fundraiser Coordinator for the Overlook PTA. She enables the school to get funds to support their cultural awareness programs. With the monies she helps raise, the school is able to bring performers to present on various topics at the school such as science or have an orchestra play for the students. If Christine did no help raise money, the students would not have the exposure to many programs.