Daily Point of Light # 2958 Jun 7, 2005

In contrast to a world shadowed by terrorism, international troubles, and accusations of not caring, Christopher Stanton is a bridge of friendship, of compassion, and of love. This one California man has undoubtedly been responsible for changing the opinions and perceptions of more than just a few Moroccans towards Americans. Christopher Stanton of Sylmar is the president and founder of a humanitarian organization called “Mission Bridge.” He is a remarkable display of what and individual can do to help a nation. His simply stated purpose is to love the Moroccan people, and he has been building bridges of friendship to the nation of Morocco since 1999.

With his wife’s assistance, they have organized and raised funds for 21 trips to Morocco to help the needy by way of free medical and optometric clinics in the poorer quarters of cities, and in remote mountain villages. Stanton has provided baby formula and powered milk to homes for unwed mothers and orphanages; he has arranged for, and transported medical supplies and difficult to afford pediatric and cancer medication to hospitals. He has delivered dozens of wheelchairs, hundreds of toys and caseloads of clothing.

He has been invited to speak to High Schools students in Casablanca on the topics of virtue, responsibility and character. These sessions will take place in early 2005. He builds friendship with Moroccan leaders on all levels from Madame Tazi (recipient of King Mohammed’s gold medallion award for humanity), to the staff of the National Children’s Hospital in the capital of Rabat. He is a contributor to AMINO – a volunteer group for poor woman with cancer who can’t afford medicines. Stanton has provided over $710,000 in cancer drugs from generous American pharmaceutical companies.

One of his favorite ways of showing love to the Moroccan people is to invite groups of his American friends to join him to experience and see the life of Morocco. These people come home awed and with hearts that are inspired to reach out in goodwill and charity. A recent group procured much needed, modernized physiotherapy equipment for a center for handicapped children. Chris delivered that equipment for them in October of 2004.

Many in Morocco have watched the kindness of this benevolent American man, experienced the benefit of his concern for their well-being, and received opportunities that may have never otherwise been available to them. If you were to ask Chris why he does this, his response would be, plainly stated, “we come from a greatly blessed nation and we need to bless others.”