Daily Point of Light # 2516 Sep 26, 2003

Clare Rosenfeld, 17, a senior at South Eugene High School, is a national leader in raising public awareness of diabetes, and a tireless advocate for diabetic young people. “Because I live with diabetes, I understand the daily struggles of living with a chronic illness,” Clare said. “I also understand how easy it can be to lose hope. I decided not to be drawn down by this, but to do something positive about it.” After mentoring other young people with diabetes, Clare realized that if they all banded together, they could accomplish a great deal. She wrote the CEO of the American Diabetes Association proposing a youth advocacy program and then, once it was established, served as the association’s first National Youth Advocate. She traveled extensively for public speaking engagements, raised $30,000 for cure research, testified before Congress, developed a website, and corresponded with hundreds of newly diagnosed children and teens. Last year, she took her efforts to the international level, founding International Diabetes Youth Ambassadors to educate, inspire and support young diabetics around the world. Her new organization already has more than 200 ambassadors in 28 countries.

In addition, Clare just returned from Paris where she presented on the global plight of young people with diabetes to the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF), the worlds leading diabetes organization of clinicians, scientists and National Diabetes Association leaders. She has been invited to do an internship with IDF in Brussels next summer to assist in development of a new international program involving the International Diabetes Youth Ambassadors. Clare is the first young person to be invited to speak and the youngest to be offered an internship.