Daily Point of Light # 1773 Nov 20, 2000

The Community Service Youth Council (CSYC) is a non-profit organization targeted to youth in the 7th through 12th grades. This mentoring program places emphasis on giving back in observance of America’s Promise fundamental resources. John Musgraves conceived the youth council and continues to act as its leader.

The Council requires youth to do community service projects monthly. These ventures range from visiting senior citizen centers to participating in national initiatives. The organization addresses social issues of lack of mentoring in our young people today. We see so many crimes committed by youth and the Council believes it is imperative for them to get the appropriate nurturing and guidance to end this cycle. In September of 1999, CSYC sponsored a countywide Black tie event, Community Service Awards. The event’s purpose was to recognize and promote volunteerism as well as bridging the racial barrier in the county. U.S. Representative, Marion Berry, was a keynote speaker that addressed volunteerism.

In addition to this, CSYC supports Make A Difference Day. They do a scavenger hunt for a domestic abuse shelter called The Haven. The household items collected helped abused women and children. Another project the group supports is Family Matters Day. This program collects toys for a Christmas party for handicapped children. Hoop It Up Fest was another event CSYC participated in. This basketball tournament got the youth of the community involved to help revive a park in the community. The organizers anticipated 100 in attendance, but about 1000 volunteers came out to support the event.

The Council also has partnered with the Lights of the Delta. They hang Christmas lights throughout the City as well as the park. They also partnered with the Main Street Festival of Trees. The young people showcased their creativity and helped to beautify the city by decorating trees.

CSYC does not receive stipends and solely raises funds to stay afloat. They are becoming an integral part of their community and their goal is to increase their presence. CSYC will continue to motivate, encourage and nurture the young people of Blytheville, which in turn will cause those youth to continue giving back to their home.