Daily Point of Light # 1089 Apr 7, 1998

Since the fall of 1994 CONNECT, Inc. has been linking healthcare systems and businesses with the schools and families that need them. CONNECT works to improve the quality and increase the availability of school health care services in St. Joseph County.

CONNECT has created several programs to achieve this goal. One such program partners local elementary, middle and high schools with mental health centers who provide on site services for children whose families are unable to receive assistance through standard programs.

CONNECT also helps address the overwhelming need for school nursing services by working with local catholic hospitals. These hospitals train volunteer nurses how to provide services for 6,000 elementary and high school students in the South Bend area. CONNECT also works with volunteer nursing students from universities and colleges who offer a wide range of health education and prevention services to area students.

Services through CONNECT are provided daily throughout the school year. Although, they are located in South Bend Indiana they service all of St. Joseph County. To date more than 25,000 students in St. Joseph County have received assistance from CONNECT's health care services.

CONNECT gets most of its funding from corporate contributions. They receive additional funding from participating schools and organizations. They also get funding from grants.

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