Connie James

Daily Point of Light # 3774 Jul 22, 2008

Connie James is a lymphoma cancer survivor and volunteer at The Wellness Community of Central Arizona. She is active in the lymphoma networking group at The Wellness Community, helping others who are currently battling lymphoma. In addition to leading Newcomer Orientations with her husband Brian every month, she is the head of the Newcomer Committee/Speakers Bureau and is active in the Volunteer Advisory Council.

She has been instrumental in getting the board to bring a volunteer coordinator onto the staff; she is focused on building a strong volunteer corps to help strengthen and build The Wellness Community. With her vision and perspective, she has enabled The Wellness Community to do more than support cancer patients, she is helping The Wellness Community to change lives one person at a time. In addition to these regular duties, Connie will usually be the first to say “Yes” when asked to help. She is truly inspiring and makes everyone around her feel like a friend.