D.P. Hall

Daily Point of Light # 1275 Dec 23, 1998

D.P. Hall has been a dedicated volunteer with the Safe Place Program of Youth Services of Tulsa since the program began in 1991. Safe Place provides 24-hour neighborhood access through QuikTrip stores, fire departments and Tulsa Transit Buses where youth in crisis or at risk can get help immediately.

Mr. Hall responds to youth that request help at Safe Place site. He has responded to more than 70 Safe Place calls. In responding to a call, he will pick a child up and take them to a shelter, where they are given clothing, food, and a bed. Mr. Hall presents information about Safe Place, Youth Services of Tulsa, child abuse, and personal safety to middle school students throughout Tulsa County. The children are taught where to go if they need help as well as the difference between punishment and abuse. They are also encouraged to tell their teachers and counselors or someone else they trust if they are having problems at home. And if someone outside of their home is causing them harm, the children are told to tell their parents. Often, children are afraid to tell on their parents or an adult, or some children don't have someone they can trust.

Mr. Hall also volunteers one afternoon per week with clients (ages 12-18) at Youth Services Shelter working with them on a variety of skill building activities that are aimed at helping the children handle domestic situations better if they are reunited with their family and encounter problems again. Mr. Hall also volunteers an average of 25 hours per week with a variety of other agencies/organizations in the Tulsa community such as the Tulsa Public Schools Mentoring Program (Hall was the program's first mentor), Call Rape, the Children's Medical Center, and the Tulsa Boy's Home.

Mr. Hall is a motivated, energetic, and compassionate volunteer and is devoted to making the Tulsa community a safer and better place to live. He is available 24 hours daily to respond to a call from Safe Place and Call Rape.