Daily Point of Light # 1821 Jan 25, 2001

Dalelia Davis has served the community and the American Red Cross in several capacities. She has proven to be a leader, a reliable volunteer, and an effective spokesperson for youth. Dalelia spearheaded the creation of the Red Cross Club at Decatur High School, has served for two years on the Volunteer Committee of the Morgan-Lawrence County Board of Directors, manned the Red Cross display at businesses during the United Way Campaign, and has registered blood donors and served at blood drives regularly for the past two years.

When the Morgan-Lawrence County Chapter identified involvement of youth in its programs and services as a priority, Dalelia came to the forefront. She has participated in Youth Leadership Morgan County as a leader, spokesperson and dedicated worker. Prior to Dalelia’s dedicated service, youth involvement in various areas was almost non-existent. It was obvious to Dalelia that you had to look to youth for the best ideas and implementation of meaningful involvement for youth.

Dalelia has served on the Volunteer Committee of the Red Cross Board for two years. The first year, she was one of two youth representatives. In the year 2000, she is the sole spokesperson. Dalelia was instrumental in determining the course of the chapter’s youth program. She provided project ideas for youth groups, development of a youth auxiliary – Volunteens –involved in all Red Cross services, and creation of the Decatur High School Red Cross Club.

After attending the Alabama Red Cross Youth Leadership Institute last summer, Dalelia wanted to do something significant and long lasting for the school, the Red Cross and the community. She had a vision of creating the first Red Cross Club at the high school and did so. Once the club was founded, Dalelia stepped back and turned over the leadership to others though she continued to participate as a club member. The Club currently has over 40 dues paying members and did various projects. They taught kindergartners about germs, how the spread, and the importance of washing their hands in their Scrubby Bear Campaign. They also sponsored holiday blood drives and a Penny Project, in which they cleaned and wrapped coins from the fountain donated by a local mall with proceeds designated to the Red Cross youth programs.

The leadership of 17-year old Dalelia Davis resulted in the founding of the Red Cross Club, which has had a tremendous start and will remain a viable extracurricular alternative at Decatur High School. Though she works hard to maintain a 4.28 grade point average, Dalelia continues to serve her community.