Dana Halle

Daily Point of Light # 4938 Jan 11, 2013

The Teen Club’ to educate and support young teens with Down syndrome. While there are many programs that focus on young children and adults with disabilities, there is a huge deficit of programs to address the important educational and sensitive social issues that arise for children with Down syndrome ages 11-17. During these years, many teens start to become aware of their disability while going through the whole range of teenage issues faced by their typical peers. Bodies start to change, crushes emerge, peers begin to engage in more independent activities, sport teams often become too competitive and friends may begin to pull away from those with Down syndrome. The Teen Club will serve as an after-school education and social club where teens can receive tutoring, work on developing social skills and make new friends. With peer support from local high schools, universities and philanthropic clubs, the Teen Club will host our Teen Book Club and offer activities to promote educational and social growth and independence. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment in which teens with Down syndrome and typical peers can interact, learn and grow.

Dev Staff