Daniel Weiss

Daily Point of Light # 1210 Sep 23, 1998

Daniel Weiss has dedicated his life to humanitarian causes. After completing his master’s degree, Mr. Weiss worked at Mercy Home For Boys where he served as a child care advocate for troubled adolescents in inner-city Chicago. He then left that program to work as a teacher and administrator for Fundacao Esperanca, a national nonprofit organization that provides healthcare in the Amazon.

While working towards his doctoral degree, Mr. Weiss began working in the Minneapolis Public Schools. During this time, Mr. Weiss founded Amizade, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for people to be able to take part in the educational service projects around the world. Volunteers do not need to have any special skills—just a willingness to help. Amizade collaborates with existing community-based organizations to develop projects that will be both beneficial to the community and enjoyable to the volunteers.

Since the inception of Amizade in 1994, more than 70 volunteers have participated in programs in Brazil, Bolivia and the Greater Yellowstone region. Because of Amizade, children living on the streets in the Amazon have access to pre-natal and early childhood healthcare, a city of more than 25,000 people can now get affordable orthopedic shoes and a community of 4,000 in the Bolivian Andes has a hospital.

Mr. Weiss is working full time for Amizade, free of charge, writing grant proposals and raising money to cover project costs.

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