Daphana DeKoker

Daily Point of Light # 3434 Apr 3, 2007

Daphana DeKoker has served faithfully for 16 years at Pregnancy Resource Center. This facility is a resource for women who are expecting a child as well as their babies. Daphana understands this is a time filled with anxiety for some mothers; many are unwed, some have no family to turn to, and others just need someone to listen.

Daphana is a dedicated volunteer to the Center. She always comes on days she is scheduled, and she has a unique way of ministering to the girls. She always lets them know she cares about them, how she can help, and to let them know that God loves them and she is there to help them.

Daphana believes we all should give back to our communities and help others because we have all been helped. She lives what she believes, and it is evident in her tenure at the Pregnancy Resource Center. Daphana also went a step further this year and went to Africa to share with the people there.

Daphana is also very involved in her church and teaches in a care group there. She gives of her time to her group and meets with them regularly. Daphana makes herself available to share and council whenever there is someone in need. One of the people she worked with advised that speaking with Daphana changed her life. She obtained information, had a listening and caring ear, was able to make an informed decision, and then the young lady became a volunteer to share with others.