Darlene Bearl

Daily Point of Light # 4822 Aug 1, 2012

Darlene Bearl tirelessly fulfills community needs through research, networking and knowledge of the history of Anoka County. The Anoka County Historical Society was founded by a group of dedicated community volunteers in Anoka County in 1934. The mission of the Anoka County Historical Society is the discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Anoka County and the State of Minnesota. Today, the Anoka County Historical Society has been nationally and locally recognized for its excellent work in all aspects of its mission and is an important and enriching part of the lives of Anoka County residents.

Bearl has been involved in a variety of activities at the history center for more than five years. Her insatiable interest in history and desire to educate the community about local history qualifies her as one of the more outstanding volunteers who deliver the mission.

In 2011, thousands of people were served by Anoka County Historical Society volunteers, whose contributions totaled 5,164 hours, and their dedication to preserve the history of Anoka County will benefit people from the county for years to come.