Daily Point of Light # 2735 Jul 29, 2004

Daryl Curry is a tireless volunteer at the Ernest Everett Just Middle School (EE Just). He came to EE Just for a parent meeting, agreed to volunteer when he could, saw the need was greater than an occasional visit and has come back to EE Just each day since. He has acted as a consultant and provides the school with sound advice on many occasions. Mr. Curry’s judgment is visionary, and he always has the students’ best interest at heart.

Mr. Curry arrives to EE Just at or before 8:30am each day and assists in any way possible. He answers telephones, assists with cafeteria and hall duty, works in the Guidance and front offices, interacts with students and assists teachers and administrators in other areas where help is necessary. Mr. Curry is aware that the staff and students at EE Just have come to rely on him and his volunteer service. When he is not able to stay an entire day, he gives notice so the staff can plan around his absence. He also attends staff meetings and works at home to do things that will help the school. In addition, he recruits other volunteers and participates in after hours and weekend functions. Mr. Curry does all this volunteer work while maintaining a career in the evening.

Mr. Curry has made himself available at a moments notice for questions or specific information on school projects. Mr. Curry is a Television Technician by trade and has taught in the US Navy and as a substitute on occasion. Mr. Curry sets a high standard and has high expectations for him and others. He has developed enduring professional relationships with the teachers, parents and students. Mr. Curry is insightful, caring and responsive to the developmental needs of all youth as well as a man of positive action and fortitude.

Recently, Mr. Curry offered to mentor a small group of boys who are having difficulties in middle school. One of the youth is 16 and in the 8th grade, and another youth has a 2-year-old child and has been in five different middle schools in two years. Mr. Curry has developed a “Boys to Men” mentoring program for these students, and he meets with them daily. Word of his group has spread and teachers have been asking if others can join. Now, Mr. Curry and another teacher are sponsoring an evening “Boys to Men Conference” in an attempt to reach even more students.

Mr. Curry displays strong leadership in a team environment, builds cooperation, communicates with ease, has a natural style and possesses an invaluable source of knowledge. His verbal commitments are consistent with his actions and he gives meticulous attention to detail. Mr. Curry is an important contributor to the success of the schools in Prince George’s County. At a time when many of the nation’s children have lost their way, it is wonderful to have an upstanding community leader, citizen and professional in their midst. His mentoring and support brings hope and encouragement for all.