David Harmon

Daily Point of Light # 3816 Sep 18, 2008

Best Buy employee David Harmon has volunteered as both a coach and league representative for the Maple Valley Junior Football Association based in Washington State and has been dedicated to providing guidance for young boys and girls ages 8-13. He has been able to provide a focus for the organization through development of an executive board that provides organizational and facility resources to further positive social and physical development and conditioning of youth through a program of athletics for boys and girls. This Nominee has also been the ongoing voice for the association and has worked endlessly to provide the funding for kids that otherwise could not have taken part of the experience due to financial restraints. With passion in his voice David has said, “My wife and I have never let money stand in the way of letting any kid play football that is why I go from business to business asking for funding or scholarships in order to make sure every kid can take part.”

The need for David from the community was overwhelming when he started his volunteer work with the Maple Valley Junior Football Association because there were not a lot of positive outlets for kids to reach out to after school. Many of extracurricular activities, including athletic programs were being cut from schools due to funding. David wanted to find a way to get the kids off the streets and to redirect their energy into something that the community could benefit from.

This nominee has made a tremendous impact on the youth that he has worked with through his volunteerism. He has been devoted to instilling the highest moral and ethical standards to kids in his community by demonstrating to them what good sportsmanship includes. This will help the youth develop self-confidence and respect, grow as citizens in their community, realize that physical fitness and wellbeing are conditions to be achieved and maintained, and aid in whatever measures possible for the development of their capacities for leadership and responsible use of such capacities in their communities. David also taught youth that education is a fundamental part of their wellbeing by requiring them to bring their report cards to practice and although everyone has a job on the team, leadership roles are based upon the youth’s overall GPA.

At Best Buy teens are obviously import to our business. But we also recognize how important they are to our community, to our society, to our world. So we’re taking advantage of the unique relationships we already have with teens, by virtue of who we are as a company and what we do, to listen to them, support them, help provide opportunities for them, when too few others are. Everyone is well aware of the great need teens have for support and opportunities to learn, to contribute and lead, to develop life skills and relate to others. And we often hear too much bad news about illegal activity, drugs, sex, and poor school performance. But we believe in teens. Not just because they will someday be adults, but because they have special power to do great things and make the world better. Our mission is to recognize and understand that power. Not direct it, but fuel it. As a Best Buy employee David Harmon was not only able to get attention for what he was doing for the youth in his community but also was able to receive funding for the Maple Valley Junior Football Association from Best Buy. His dedication in providing a positive after school outlet for kids is demonstrated by over 220 hours of community service, as well as his continued commitment to keep this program up and running. David will continue his experience well into the next year and plans one taking the front line once again in making sure that no child or teen is ever left behind.