Daily Point of Light # 2370 Mar 5, 2003

The Beacon of Hope Boulevard Clubhouse is a special program for those living with mental illness. David Pickett has been a volunteer at the Clubhouse for a while and his experience there has been both educational and rewarding.

He faithfully comes to the Clubhouse to ensure it is in good condition for the clients. He makes sure the garbage cans are empty and changes the bags each day. He mops the floors, cleans the restrooms, wipes off the tables, washes the dishes and mops the kitchen floors. Pickett also wipes down the kitchen counter and sweeps the floor inside and outside the Clubhouse. He also encourages the clients to take pride in their facility and helps to teach them various ways to maintain cleanliness at the center.

Picket also goes to the post office and drops off mail for the staff at the Clubhouse. He works the front desk and assists with clerical duties like answering the phones and making sure the members and visitors sign in. Pickett assists the Director by escorting her to the bank. He also stays until the end of the day to help the clients close the facility at night and ensure that all the members are safe. In addition to these duties, Pickett also is a member of the Clubhouse Recreation Team. The Team does monthly event planning for various trips for the members.

Pickett likes to serve as a role model for the members at the Clubhouse. He knows it is hard dealing with mental illness because he also is living with the disease. People who are not sensitive to the needs of the mentally ill seem to use fancy words and make it hard to understand. However, Pickett makes it his business to ask questions and to educate himself daily. He was shy in school and the teachers assumed he was learning disabled so he was placed into special education classes. Because of this, he was not challenged academically; so now as an adult, he takes the time to learn patience, continuing to educate himself and help others learn more about those who are mentally ill.

The Clubhouse is the focal point of his volunteer service; however, it is also like a second home to Pickett. He shows the members there that they can succeed and have successful recoveries while gaining an understanding of life and the positive ways to live. Pickett takes the time to also help the clients with reading, and he enjoys welcoming new clients. He then looks to serve them to the best of his ability and welcomes them to the Clubhouse also.

Because of his positive attitude and dedicated service as a volunteer, Pickett was able to obtain a job as a porter maintenance worker. He hopes his success will continue to inspire those at the Clubhouse to continue in their recovery, return to the workforce and become productive members of society.