David Wickham

Daily Point of Light # 5572 Sep 23, 2015

The Boy Scouts of America, one of the nation’s largest youth development organizations, have been mentoring future leaders since 1910. In over 100 years of its existence, there have been countless individuals who have paved the way with their service and selflessness.
David Wickham is one of those individuals who regularly sacrifices for the good of others. He has been volunteering with the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) for over 23 years. Wickham, out of Melbourne, FL,  has assisted, promoted and funded BSA during his tenure, and shown a willingness to go far and beyond the duties of an ordinary volunteer.
Wickham has held well over a dozen positions through several levels of rankings. He has helped on a multiple of fronts – mentoring children, teaching courses and organizing events. From his early beginnings as Den Leader, to one of his more recent roles as Eagle District Nominating Chairman, Wickham has displayed leadership in every task in which he is involved.
BSA cannot exist without the dedication of volunteers like Wickham. His creativity has helped the scouts with some urgent fund raising needs. Wickham's idea of using a vacant lot to sell trees to the public, with proceeds going to scout activities, helped BSA meet their much needed demands.
“Opening a tree lot shows David’s astounding ability to think outside the box,” said Belinda Goldberg, the Unit Commissioner in Satellite Beach, Fl. “He gladly sacrifices his precious free time for causes that are right and just.”
Whether he is planning a camping trip with the children, helping with fundraising efforts,  or teaching 'Duty to God' classes, Wickham's involvement with the Boy Scouts has truly been a treat. With over two decades of influence, Wickham’s actions have impacted thousands of children and positively changed the future scope of America.

Dev Staff