Debbie Liddel

Daily Point of Light # 3757 Jun 27, 2008

Debbie Liddel is a dependable and enthusiastic member of the Douglas County Auxiliary Communications Team (ACT) which provides adjunct support and communications to local governmental units before, during and after emergencies. She takes her membership to the next level acting as the ACT training officer coordinating Net meetings and schedules, teaching specific courses and participating and encouraging participation in area disaster simulations where alternative communications are needed and used. During an emergency, Debbie supports the Douglas County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) by responding to the EOC to be utilized as an avenue to gain information or provide communications. Debbie works tirelessly to ensure ACT is prepared, educated and ready to respond during times of crisis to serve hospitals, first responders, local governments, and other agencies by providing a way of communication when normal avenues fail.

Debbie is also committed to public education by coordinating ACT members, including her, to participate in community fairs to inform citizens on preparedness practices, how ACT prepares and serves the area during an emergency, and how to get involved in volunteering.

Douglas County Emergency Management (DCEM) can always rely on Debbie to respond quickly when her talents and knowledge are needed. She works a full-time job, but still volunteers during her “free time.” Debbie’s passion for volunteerism can clearly be seen through her continued dedication to DCEM and ACT.