Daily Point of Light # 2640 Mar 18, 2004

Deborah Wood, who herself suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, inherited a small poodle named Pomp. Within weeks she researched and developed a way to use her new pet to help others. She and Pomp trained to become “Pet Therapists” and began visiting local nursing homes and hospitals with much success. The patients whom they visit are often isolated and lonely and contact with Ms. Wood and Pomp has helped to bring them interest and socialization.

Ms. Wood has first hand experience and a keen understanding of the loneliness and isolation that often afflicts persons with disabilities. She herself was isolated and depressed as a result of her struggle with Multiple Sclerosis. When she met Pomp and later his buddy, Raggs, she began to experience a renewed interest in life. She who had been housebound and often bed bound became excited about her new mission to bring joy and activity to others.

Ms. Wood, who is totally disabled and lives on a fixed income, has made many personal sacrifices to care for the dogs that have become such an important part of her life and the lives of those whom she serves.