Debrah Shulman

Daily Point of Light # 1187 Aug 21, 1998

Dr. Debrah Shulman has given more than a decade of her life to preventing middle school students from abusing drugs and alcohol. Dr. Shulman is the driving force behind the Eckerd Drug Quiz Show, an innovative television show that educates students about the issues and problems related to drug and alcohol use.

Created in 1985, the Quiz Show, has grown from a small creation in upstate New York to cover most of the state. Plans are in place to expand the show across the country. In 1985, the program had 200 participants; now more than 30,000 students participate representing more than 200 schools in 31 school regions. The show, with its lights, buzzers and fun atmosphere, challenges students to think and answer questions about drugs and alcohol.

Through her leadership, Dr. Shulman has encouraged community organizations and businesses to contribute their services to the show. For example, Eckerd Corporation has donated thousands of dollars to the show and now sponsors the show.

In addition to her professional duties, Dr. Shulman updates the show's newsletter, manuals, student study package and writes all questions utilized in competition.