Denice Whalen-White

Daily Point of Light # 3476 May 31, 2007

Denice Whalen-White is a mainstay in the Alston & Bird DC office's pro bono and community service activities.

Denice is a Board Member of Women of Virtue, Incorporated (WOV), a women's self-help organization that offers counseling and support to women in the community in a wide range of areas, including nutrition, domestic violence, women's health, parenting and small business ownership.

In her church, Denice established a young people's choir, designed and maintains the church's website and even serves as a lay speaker in her pastor's absence.

Denice started a home business for Longaberger Baskets, which involves home décor projects, and donates a portion of the income to Komen Breast Cancer Fund, WOV Breast Cancer Fund, American Cancer Foundation and other worthy causes.

Alston & Bird has a close, active relationship with Capital Area Immigration Rights Coalition, and Denice has "adopted" CAIR Coalition by organizing and offering staff services to assist CAIR Coalition staff. It is not unusual to find an A&B meeting room set aside by Denice, filled with A&B volunteer staff and CAIR Coalition personnel furiously stuffing envelopes. Debi Sanders, CAIR Coalition's executive director, has many times applauded Denice's work as an enormous contribution to that organization's efforts on behalf of the DC area's immigrant community.

Denice is the "driver" behind the DC office newsletter, started with her active participation in 2005. She makes sure pro bono activities and community service is communicated and recognized within the firm.

Denice is an active member of our DC pro bono committee, she leads the office's participation in the firm-wide "Loops of Love" activity, she works with other staff to provide blankets for Egleston Children's Hospital, she works on Christmas packages for military personnel, and she helps us assemble food packages for Bread for the City for distribution to needy families in the DC area.

Denice always participates in office activities for the community, like the Komen Race for the Cure and the Fannie Mae Homeless Walk.