Denise Hempel

Daily Point of Light # 3729 May 20, 2008

Denise Hempel is a dedicated part of the Chemo Pal Program at the Children's Cancer Association (CCA).

As a Pediatric Chemo Pal Mentor, Denise helps children and teens break through the isolation, chaos and loneliness of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. This volunteer program's purpose is to provide a supportive relationship, ensuring that each child maintains self-esteem and confidence throughout the emotionally isolating and physically difficult cancer treatment.

She also provides support and guidance through dependable visits in the midst of the battle against cancer. She participates in visits at the hospitals, clinic, and in the home in order to play games, take walks, read, do art projects or share hobbies with the child or teen that she has been placed with.

Denise is assigned to mentor Maddy, a nine-year-old, who loves to draw, talk and play. She is very comfortable with Denise and gets excited about her arrival every time they meet. Denise always tries to be there for Maddy's entire appointment, staying from start to finish. Maddy is healing well; she will soon be graduating from the program. Denise is planning a graduation party for her and her family.

Denise also takes time to help with other events like the car raffle and radio-a-thon for the Children's Cancer Association.