Dexter Craigie

Daily Point of Light # 3346 Nov 30, 2006

Dexter Craigie is an outstanding leader and an exemplary volunteer. He recruited 25 reading mentors for the Teen Trendsetter reading program at Lehigh Senior High School. These mentors would go to a neighboring elementary school and read to third graders every week.

Dexter has proved to be a responsible and mature young man by organizing and training these reading mentors. He went above and beyond his call of duties by performing an array of challenging tasks such as, arranging transportation, organizing fundraisers, and meetings.

These third graders combined received over 250 hours of extra reading time. As a result, the third grade reading scores improved. In addition, these young children had the joy of looking forward to seeing their mentors every week. The younger children were not the only ones who benefited from this partnership. The mentors were impacted also and developed a sense of responsibility and commitment to their mentees.

There are many youth volunteers throughout our nation; however, Dexter stands out and has to be among the best. He is a natural born leader with a heart of gold. He does not allow his age to deter him yet handles his tasks with maturity and dedication. Because he was so passionate about the program, Dexter put in hours of his time to get this program started at his high school.

Dexter always had both his mentors and mentees on his mind. He developed a meaningful relationship with his mentee and is highly respected by his peers and the staff at Lehigh Senior High. In addition, he thinks of ways to reach more children and keep the program fresh and innovative. As a result of his hard work, over 50 students were touched in a positive manner and were given the gift of the importance and joy of reading.