Diane Thompson

Daily Point of Light # 3653 Feb 4, 2008

From the nominator:

“Diane volunteers to help run our elementary school vegetable garden program which serves 300 students. The garden program is especially important here, as we are in an urban neighborhood where over 90% of the students are living in poverty and have difficulty accessing healthy food. Diane helps runs our Summer Garden Camp and plans for, purchases materials for, and runs the After School Garden Club. She helps the kids make healthy snacks and learn about nutrition and caring for one’s body in a fun way. She volunteers with the classrooms weekly, doing nutrition and gardening activities and singing songs.

While she does a lot of work with the students, what makes Diane an even more outstanding volunteer is that she volunteers to do the unglamorous and less fun tasks of the program. She will run errands for me and will even come up with suggestions to improve programs and will carry out those ideas. She volunteers to visit the school on the weekends and evenings to water and visits the garden regularly in the evening to check up on it make sure no one is vandalizing it. She is passionate and enthusiastic and always reliable.”