Dina Fried

Daily Point of Light # 5032 Aug 28, 2013

In the Lakewood, New Jersey community, Dina Fried assists families who have a child battling cancer.

As a volunteer Big Sister for Chai Lifeline, Fried personifies their mission of “fighting illness with love – helping the child, the family and the community.” Fried has taken the initiative to fill a need in the community. Noticing that the families of children with cancer in the Lakewood community are often overwhelmed by daily household task and tending to the other children in their families, Fried began her volunteerism by offering to take children battling cancer to the park. What began as a one-time outing, developed into a system of trips, entertainment, crafts projects and eventually, a two-month summer day camp.

Through her service, Fried fills a growing need in the Lakewood community that has not been previously addressed.

Dev Staff