Don & Nell Wilson

Daily Point of Light # 3927 Feb 20, 2009

Don and Nell Wilson explain their motivation for service in a scripture quote, "to whom much is given, much is expected" and say that God has been good to them and as long as he gives them the strength to help others, they will continue to do so. An excellent example of these caring, considerate and dedicated individuals who at the ages of 87 and 89, brave the elements to deliver meals to those desperately in need of home delivered meals. They see to it that everyone on their route is doing well, making each recipient feel important and cared for, lifting spirits and giving assistance when needed. They are always positive and helpful with wonderful attitudes and outlooks on life.

Don and Nell are a faithful volunteer couple who consistently deliver meals on wheels to their homebound community members through the Clay County Senior Citizen Center. Those on their route desperately need not only the hot nutritious meals, but the care and concern provided by this couple. They always take that extra time to visit with each individual to assure them that they are important and cared for. This couple represents what we should all strive to be—kind and generous through financial support but more importantly, through the time they devote to their community. They also volunteer at the Clay County 1890 Jail Museum to assure that those who visit as well as young people who live in the community are educated as to their rich cultural heritage. At the ages of 87 and 89, they are able bring to life the museum displays, sharing their own personal stories of how life actually was "back in their day" leaving a lasting memory with all who visit the museum.

Not only do they set an example but their example spreads to family members like a brother who spent 6 months with them after Hurricane Katrina hit his home in New Orleans. Their dedication and enthusiasm in helping others lead him to volunteer as well and they are a constant reminder of dedication and a shining example to younger volunteers.