Dorothy Dulberger

Daily Point of Light # 1520 Dec 1, 1999

Dorothy Dulberger’s contribution to Scouts with disabilities goes beyond job titles; she is the inspiration behind Troop 457, a troop of developmentally disabled Scouts who reside in Little City, a residential facility in Palatine, IL. She has served as a committee member since 1989, when she first accompanied her son who was performing volunteer service hours.

Dulberger meets with the troop every Tuesday evening and takes one week of her personal vacation each year to accompany her troop to summer camp where she generally serves as Camp Scoutmaster. She also performs the traditional duties of Camp Scout Leader, which include managing tour permits, permission forms and packing lists. Dulberger must also work with social workers and developmental specialists. Her goal is to help each scout achieve his highest potential.

Dulberger is instrumental in recruiting Scoutmasters, committee members and many Scouts from traditional troops to work with hers. She initiated a Troop Guide program that is instrumental in the success her camp program. She convinced Senior Scouts from the area to volunteer a week of their time to camp with her Scouts. Each Senior Scout is paired with a Little City Scout to assist him through camp. Since many of the Little City Scouts have problems reading, their Troop Guide assists them in learning their Merit Badge material and accompanies them to see their Merit Badge Counselors. They swim together, canoe together, shoot together, participate in camped games together and attend campfires together. It makes it possible for the Little City Scouts to have a true Scouting experience, and enables the Troop Guides to experience a challenging but rewarding experience of helping a Scout less fortunate than they are. With the assistance of volunteer Scouts, her troop works to prepare for a First Aid Meet that is held annually. Last year, her troop won first place.

Since 1982, Dulberger has been a Den Leader, Cubmaster and committee member of several troops, Pack Committee Chair Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner and District Chairman. She currently serves on the Northwest Suburban Council Religious Relationships Committee, chairs the Adopt-a-Campsite program, is a member of the Wilderness Engineers and a Region Visitation Specialist.

By serving in these many capacities, Dulberger has developed a wellspring of goodwill, respect and camaraderie that has enables her to successfully enhance the Little City Scouting program with support from other units in the District and Council.