Daily Point of Light # 3443 Apr 16, 2007

Georgia Flarsheim volunteers for Paducah Middle School. Prior to the school opening in August, she worked with the interview committees, helping to interview over 30 prospective teachers. She wrote and received a grant totaling $250 to obtain funding to purchase supplies for school bulletin boards, printing cost and to purchase badges for our visitor's desk. She developed and coordinated a schedule for our volunteers at our visitor's desk. When parents schedules didn't fit with school schedules, she found ways to utilize his/her abilities from bringing food to sending materials home for parents to help with cutting and gluing items for the bulletin board. She made sure everyone knew how important each volunteer job was, no matter how large or small.

Not long after school started, Flarsheim was unhappy with the teachers lounge. She enlisted a few parents' help and cleaned cabinets, furniture, and closets. While cleaning and updating the lounge, she discovered the age and condition of the present coffeemaker and purchased the school another coffee and tea pot. She has continued to maintain the coffee, tea and hot chocolate self-service area for the enjoyment of all.

During the very busy holidays Flarsheim coordinated and decorated for our faculty Christmas Breakfast. Over the winter holiday, Flarsheim called to see if she could enter the building and work on the bulletin boards.

She volunteers to help with the students' drama and musical departments programs.She helps chaperone when the school has the rewards programs for our students. She has been instrumental in creating and maintaining current bulletin boards information throughout the school. The bulletin boards help promote school spirit and showcase programs and students.

When the school's attendance clerk was on sick leave Flarsheim  volunteered to assist with attendance issues and made the copies for the teachers for the entire month.

At the school alone, Flarsheim has dedicated more than 3000 volunteer service hours since August 2005. However, her service and talent reach far beyond the school. She volunteers at PTHS working at the receptionist desk and the PTHS Speech Christmas holiday. She is a foster parent for abandoned puppies for the McCracken County Humane Society. It is truly amazing the time, effort and concern Flarsheim places in the school, its students, and her community.She is always willing to help, but is never intrusive to any part of the learning environment.


Dev Staff