Daily Point of Light # 1743 Oct 9, 2000

Dr. Roderick Powers’ attempts to mobilize the community’s ability to react to natural disasters is unending. He speaks to various civic organizations, church groups, professional groups, and just about any group that wants to hear him speak on disaster preparation. The disaster training program involves quite a few hours of instructional time – which he gives without hesitation. In addition to the instructional time, he is a speaker for the Lee County Chapter of the American Red Cross, involved in First Aid training for local businesses and industries, and completes CPR training also. All of his service activities have helped the Auburn-Opelika-Lee County area develop a closer working relationship in areas other than disaster services. Dr. Power’s approach to disaster training is unique and a productive developmental program that includes students at Auburn University, Community College and the public and private school system.

The same outcome designs are evident in Dr. Power’s involvement with the East Alabama Medical Center’s Volunteer Program. His ability to include people in the decision-making processes and the accomplishment of volunteer goals has increased the volunteers’ capabilities to meet the new approaches being utilized in the hospital and its outreach program. The involvement of volunteers has bridged the gaps between community services being offered and the community’s acceptance of these programs. The hospital has increased its programs to include Hospice House, Indigent Mercy Clinic, Camelia Place Independent Living – Health Care Facility, Adult Day – Care Program and a Diabetes Center. The transition from hospital-based to community-based programs has been greatly facilitated by the efforts of Dr. Powers and the volunteers. All of the programs reflect the new approach to medical care giving , and the volunteers under Dr. Powers guidance are a vital part of the transition.

Dr. Powers is also actively involved with retired teachers in Lee County. While Dr. Powers was President of the Lee County Retired Teachers Association, its enrollment jumped significantly and the association’s number of recorded hours of volunteerism increased also. Dr. Powers was awarded the plaque for having the most hours for volunteer work for counties the size of Lee in Alabama. During his tenure, he also initiated a program whereby the association has political representatives to speak on the behalf of any issues that effect their members.

In addition to these activities, Dr. Powers is also an interactive participant with the school system and the students of Lee County. He serves on the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation teams where he has been a Peer Team Chairperson as well as a member of the team. He thinks of innovative ways to solicit more student involvement in the community and service to each other. Dr. Powers always attempts to suggest to the school system additional assistance , especially instructional programs that will provide a more meaningful learning experience for the students. He shows the children that community involvement should be a life long relationship with whatever community in which they reside.